Log Home Sealing And Chinking Services

LifeTime has found over the years that log cabin homes fall into two basic categories. Those that are log chinked / sealed when first built and those that are log chinked / sealed five years down the road.

The log home manufacturers and log wrights work at cutting extremely tight packages, but logs have typical wood properties that allow them to expand and contract with temperature and humidity. Over a period of time a log can shrink as much as 30%. This natural movement will allow air and water penetration over time which translates into extra cost in heating and cooling, and in some cases rotten or damaged logs and insect infestations.

Chinking is a flexible sealant that is used to seal the joints of log homes. No matter what type of log property you own, it is important to use chinking, a synthetic mortar, to keep the log joints sealed. To identify these leaky areas, our energy evaluation team uses various pieces of sophisticated equipment to identify where the leaks are in the structure and remedy these issues.

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