Cedar And Log Home Staining And Finishing

We use a variety of criteria with our log home staining service in evaluating individual log/cedar homes to help educate the home owner on choosing the correct log/cedar home stain product for their home. The first has a lot to do with what is on the logs already. If the log/cedar house has been treated with deep penetrating stain, and the plan is to simply wash the logs, there is a fairly short list of oil-based stain products that will be compatible with what has previously been applied. If the log cabin has been stained using a surface film-coat system, your options are much larger.

Most shallow penetrating oil and oil emulsions are compatible with the film coat systems, but not the reverse. The film-coat systems can be persnickety to what will adhere to the existing stain. Secondly, location also factors into the type of log home stains we choose. We are a lot more likely to choose a film coat system for log homes that are more in the open and have good air circulation around them than one that is deep in a holler or up a narrow draw or one in a very damp environment.

Our experience shows that film-coat systems have a longer life span on log homes that have adequate air movement around them. There are other factors that go into log home stain choice, including how the dwelling is to be prepped, color to be used, difficulty of maintenance, etc. These discussions can be long and drawn out, and are best discussed in person. So please feel free to call us at any time with questions you may have. Please do not paint your log home as it will cause the log to rot from the inside out as most paints are impervious to water vapor transfer and will trap moisture within the logs.

If you would like more information about our log home staining services give us a call 218.259.3872 or send us a message.