Cedar And Log Home Restoration, Renovation, and Repair

If you are looking for a cedar and log home restoration company to provide professional help, quality craftsmanship, and exceptional log and cedar home repair services, you have come to the right place.

Log Home Restoration Services

In most cases doing work on wood homes is an aesthetic overhaul, a face lift if you will. Wood, especially the pine log homes of the modern era, can become rather unsightly with time if their facades are not maintained properly. These, compared to more structural problems, are fairly easy to reverse. A good cleaning or maybe a surface exfoliation, media blasting or chemical stripping, followed by a fresh coat of stain will usually reverse, or for some older homes, at least delay the decay brought by time. For some log structures, however, poor design, poor site placement, or believe it or not poor landscaping decisions have helped cause the cancer of decay and rot to set in.

Log Restoration and Replacement

The majority of log and cedar cabin restoration LifeTime handle, both in vintage and modern structures, deals in large part with decayed or rotten wall logs, structural timbers and rotten cedars. We first locate and repair the source of the moisture before the replacement. We have many log restoration remedies to help stabilize the timbers and leave the fabric, which is original to the structure, in cases where the logs or timbers are just partially inundated but can be saved. Heavy timber log replacement construction is not an area for amateurs. Our years of field experience, coupled with our continuing education in new technologies, allow us to take jobs that no one else will touch. We pride ourselves in that. If you would like more information about our services give us a call 218.259.3872 or send us an email.