Cedar And Log Home Media Blasting Services

Over the past years, LifeTime has found that we are prepping more and more log homes for staining with a new modern technique called Media Blasting, rather than with the more conventional high pressure water and astringent methods used in the past.

Our results have shown us that log home media blasting is by far the best way to prepare all surfaces for staining. Our Media Blasting Services use the impact of high velocity media to clean old stains, dirt and grime from the surface of your log or cedar sided home. When media blasting we use recycled crushed glass as our basic media. It has the same look and feel as sandbox sand, we also use crushed walnut shells as another media source.

If you would like more information about our Log Home Media Blasting Services, please give us a call at 218.259.3872 or send us a message.

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