Modest Pleasant Lake Cabin Transformed


The Problem

The cabin had not been finished in almost 20 years and needed some attention. There was moss and mildew growing all over the cabin and caulking was failing 80+%.

The Solution

The home went through our deep clean process where we needed to use chemicals to kill all the mildew and moss growing on the siding and the soffits. We let the cabin dry for nearly 2 weeks and came back to start the finishing process. First we went through and removed all the failing caulking, once that was removed we then reapplied fresh caulking to the cabin. When it came to staining we used a solid stain formula, it took 3 coatings of stain on all the siding, the trim and soffits took 2 coatings for completion.

The Result

When everything was finished the homeowner had a new looking cabin which is now headache free for many years to come. The solid stain that we used will last 12+ years before needing another coating. The only time we recommend using a solid stain formula is on cedar siding products and never a log home. (You can ask us why)

From The Client

Chris was great to work with and very professional. The quality of the craftsmanship was remarkable and I would recommend him and workers to anyone.

Denise Dowling