Ossawinnamakee Cedar Home Refreshed

The Problem

This particular house had not been finished in over 15 years and the caulking was failing around the windows and doors. There were a handful of siding boards that were rotting and needed replacing.

The Solution

The first thing we did to remedy the siding was going through and steam cleaning the house. This does several things for the home; first it cleans the house extremely well without penetrating lots of water into the wood surface, second it is gentle on the cedar siding while killing any mold or mildew that was growing. We replaced the cedar siding that was rotting and blended them with the rest of the home. The caulking we use is actually chinking used on log homes because there is more elastic principles and has a much longer lifespan.

The Result

The key benefits of this project is getting the house back to excellent condition once again and applying products that will last for years giving the homeowner peace of mind. We have this client on our maintenance rotation so that his cabin is headache free for as long as he owns it.

About This Project

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From The Client

Chris was our most favorite contractor we have ever hired, the quality and communication was beyond anything we have ever experienced.

Carl and Karin Aubul